I was recently hired on to work on the latest Automation House by Samsung in their New Jersey HQ's. The house was to help showcase their latest technologie while appearing to be a lived in home. We helped design and prop styled the entire home from kitchen to entrance courtyard. 



Here are samples of my recent work with Roost during their tradeshows and gift markets. Roost is an internationally known wholesale manufacturer in home furnishings, home accessories, and jewelry. I started working with Roost January 2014 and currently work seasonally with them throughout the US.



Here are samples of my work with the AsiaStore at Asia Society Museum. I work closely with their director Anne Godshall in helping translate the museums exhibitions with their retail store. AsiaStore is a unique and dynamic retail environment that showcases the modern Asian lifestyle. With a commitment to featuring the renowned brands of Asia and promoting emerging design talent, AsiaStore is at the forefront of presenting the best in Asian design and literature. I currently work with the AsiaStore as their seasonal visual merchandiser.



Su'juk a boutique located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn is part salon and part retail shop. I've worked on changing the space over the years from complete build-outs to seasonal visual merchandising. Everything you see below was mostly custom built. to help create all the shelving space. This was a really fun and creative project to work on which helps keeps the shops clientele interested!