My worst fear is to wake up one day and to realize all that I could have done, and didn't get to. There's an amazing Rumi quote, which I keep by me at all times, that says "Respond to every call that excites your spirit" and this is how I choose to live my life. Any other way seems to be cheating life out of its fullest potential. Live to take risks and walk towards the things that scare you. If you don't you're not living.

It's in our nature, for example, to spend our energy primarily on today's immediate concerns, to hold a distorted perception of our future, or, even if we're future focused, to keep chasing after what turn out to be the wrong dream. Too often, we give up just when we need to push harder, and persist when we actually should quit. Yet without a more clear-eyed assessment of our present and our future, and a more effective approach to setting, pursuing, and achieving goals, we can end up with a future we really don't want-- in which we are sick, broke, lonely, or just plain unfulfilled. So what's a dreamer to do?  - Rebecca Webber


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