Stephanie Ellis

Stephanie Ellis

Sign: Virgo

About you: Iʼm an Australian and have been living in NY for 7 years now -- Which sounds wild to me! But there it is. Iʼm an actress...and a creative collaborator. I live for imagination and also true connection with people and what that can bring about. hmm I guess Iʼd say Iʼm spontaneous or maybe impulsive is a better word, love travelling (have a gypsy soul), love my close friends and family, and Iʼm pretty damn sensitive.

Are you working on any fun or interesting projects? Iʼve had a few film projects brewing for a while, both short and long form, that are finally finding their way to the page. I also have an exciting acting gig that will hopefully go ahead in the summer. And, oh yes...Iʼm in the midst of reawakening old and new hobbies... sketching is the big one.

What’s super "Virgo" about you? I actually used to think I was nothing like my sign, but as Iʼve looked into it more (both the sign and myself) -- there are some traits in there. I wish I had the organized traits of a Virgo...but alas, no. I do really like to investigate, stories and people, through what I do -- thatʼs a big thing. Iʼm a really loyal pal, observant.. and well, a past-dweller (have to watch that one).

Have you noticed a particular sign that you’re compatible with? Aries, Leos and Sagitarrius Iʼd say... but all folks really.

Do you ever feel like you’re secretly another sign? Yes, yes. I always moon sign is Scorpio, and I have felt much more connected to that sign instinctively. I sort of felt like I wanted to be a scorpio -- The passion, sensitiveity and fierceness. I also feel really drawn to my rising sign, Gemini. Being quirky, expressive and flexible. I am in awe of Libras right now. Theyʼre my sign crush. 

What do you love most about your sign? Despite all the analyzing and the ʻtrying to figure things outʼ Virgoʼs are known for -- At their core Virgoʼs are just trying to improve things...their constant drive to make things better is pure and thatʼs something I can get down with. Or at least I try too!


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