I got this idea from "The Wild Unknown" blog and thought it would be cool to ask these questions to some of the women I think are inspiring. More interviews of different horoscope signs are coming soon!

Julia Dawson

Julia Dawson


Name: Julia Dawson

Sign: Scorpio

About you: Graduate student preparing to teach high school history in the urban South

Are you working on anything interesting or fun right now?: I'm working with several professors to bring a North Carolina scholar to the university I attend. His topic, radical genealogy, is all about race and roots of wealth and power in the US.

What’s super "Sign" about you?: I'm intense, can be brooding, and definitely am drawn to life's mysteries. I love existential questions and all the ways we communicate with one another nonverbally. 

Are you compatible with any particular sign?: In terms of dating, I'd say Libras. In terms of friendship: Aquarians, fellow Scorpios (if they've overcome the harsh qualities like cutting people off when they do something you don't like)

Do you ever feel like you’re secretly another sign? Nope, but I'm definitely tamed by my Sagitarian moon and other forces beyond the stars.

What do you love most about your sign? The intensity. It's also what I dislike the most some days. The older I get, however, the easier it is to embrace the intensity, and also make lots of room for levity.

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