Mysha Sissine

Mysha Sissine

Name:  Mysha Sissine (pseudonym: Eden Clawgrip)

Sign:  Aquarius

About you:  When I feel comfortable and safe I'm an oasis of fun and silly jokes.  When I'm feeling "deep" my heart feels like a wet towel in my chest. I love to observe people and accept people and love them (sometimes from a distance, sometimes closer)


Are you working on any interesting or fun right now? Mysha is working supporting some global health informatics projects that are going on in Kenya and Haiti.  "Eden" is working on a children's book. 

What’s super "Aquarius" about you? Oh geezers, I cannot decide! I like stripes, I'm accepting, intuitive, an early-adopter and quirky.  I'm pretty sensitive which I find frustrating at times.

Are you compatible with any particular sign? Libra's & everyone else

Do you ever feel like you’re secretly another sign? Sometimes I wish I could tap into the natural strengths of other signs.  For example, I wish I could tap into loving work the way Capricorns do, or be a magical and intoxicating as Aries are, or be as convincing Taurus can be, or use the communication powers of the Gemini to transplant my thoughts so clearly into someone else's head.  I love how dreamy and kind Libras are, how sensitive Scorpios are, and how exciting Sagittarians can be.  Leos are heart-melting and I would use that power to save animals in shelters (nudge-nude).  Virgos are brainy and I would use that to dominate and make some cash at trivia night.  Cancers are all about the home and have really strong relationships and we can all use a little of that superpower from time to time.

What do you love most about your sign? I love that Aquarians push the boundaries and move society forward because they stick to ideals and values.  I was born the same day as Lincoln and Charles Darwin and Alexander Supertramp.  Rosa Parks is an Aquarian, too I think.

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